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We are proud to be affliated with:
1340 Palm Bay Rd, Palm Bay, FL 32904
Phone: (321) 725-9770

VCA is always accepting donations for Tiny Bug Dog Rescue. Simply call them and tell them you would like to make a donation to our organization. We welcome and appreciate all donations :) !!!
If you adopt from us and go to VCA, your first visit is FREE and you will also receive 10% off all future services!

********************If in need of dog food we can help (1) one time.********************


* Have a kennel for the pup to have it's own space for potty training. Any new pup or older dog can benefit from this.
* Puppies have their parvovirus, kennel cough, distemper shots and have been wormed with wormer from the vets.
* They need a play area that keeps them in and not running all over for potty training, use newspaper or potty pads and take them outside every few hours,
   and right after they eat, praise them for going potty outside or using the potty pads.
* Feeding should be holistic, use nothing with corn, wheat. It causes skin and dietary problems.
   Blue wilderness is a good product, use puppy food for small breeds. Treats are easy they will eat the bacon dog treats or
   soft treats or milk bones for small dogs. NO rawhides at all...if swallowed they can get a blockage. They can have any meats,
   green beans, peas, carrots, from can as well. You can give them table foods just NOT chocolate, peppers, onions, chicken or turkey skins,
   grapes, plums, or corn.
* If any problems arise please feel free to contact Susan with Tiny Bug Dog Rescue @ (321) 848-8275 or (321) 544-4126.
* Do not take to dog parks until after all boosters are completed.
* They can get spayed/neutered at 4-5 months old...their birthday is on shot records.
* Good idea to not allow your pups to chew on just anything. They need toys for chewing and teething, make sure if they try to chew on anything else,
   you take away and say "NO" firmly.
* When adopting a puppy or small breed dog, do not leave alone with small children at all, things can happen, you have to train your children to understand
   safe pup care.

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